Need to relocate for a job?

Then it’s probably a good idea to do some negotiating with your new employer to make the process as seamless and affordable as possible.

After all, they want to hire you… so they should be willing to help you move.

Here are things to consider negotiating…

Full-Service Moving — Getting your stuff to another state is probably going to be the most expensive part of moving. So it’s smart to ask the new employer for some financial assistance. Maybe even ask them to hire a moving company to help with the transition.

1-3 Months of Rent Paid— Getting settled in a brand-new city can take some time. And before buying a property, it’s a good idea to get a feel for different neighborhoods and areas. Asking the new employer for a few months of rent up front is completely reasonable.

Real Estate Agent Commissions & Selling Expenses — Another idea is to ask the employer to cover the cost of using a real estate agent to sell the property in the area you’re leaving, as well as closing and other costs associated with selling. They initiated the relocation, after all, in a world where remote work is possible. So this seems pretty reasonable.

Car Rental — Finally, consider asking the employer to pay for a car rental while you get settled in, or at least during the period of time before the movers arrive. This will help take the pressure off concerning transportation needs after arriving in the new city.

Hope that helps!

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