Gardening in Springfield Missouri?

Love gardening and wondering if there’s a way to use your green thumb to increase the value of your home?

Well, there might be!

Some buyers on the market today love seeing a well-kept garden when they view a home — it’s not just an amenity of its own, it’s also a sign that the current owners have cared for their property.

But of course, when it comes to selling your home, not all types of gardens are equally appealing to buyers.

So here are some tips!

Trees — Buyers love tall trees. They provide shade, privacy, and a feeling of being in nature. According to the University of Washington, mature trees increase property values by between 3% and 15%!

Tidy Garden — Naturally, your garden should be well-watered, weeded, and as pristine as possible when buyers view your home.

Popping Colors — A garden can be a great way to create visual appeal. Planting red or pink flowers up against the backdrop of well-manicured grass is something that buyers love to see. So don’t be afraid to use colors that “pop” in your garden.

Automatic Sprinklers — Many buyers love seeing a garden, but they don’t have tons of time to maintain it, so having automatic sprinklers in your garden is a HUGE bonus for them. It’ll be a little spendy to install, but it’ll be worth it when you make more money on the sale of your home!

Hope that helps!

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